Reminder: deadline approaching for unannounced audits for GMP+ FSA producers plan-ning to deliver to QS scheme

czwartek, 13 kwietnia 2017

Is your company GMP+ FSA certified for the scopes: • Production of compound feed,• Production of premixtures,• Production of feed additives,• Production of feed materials.and would you like to keep delivering your products to QS certified companies? If so, your company must have had an unannounced audit before 1-7-2017.

For more details, please see our newsletters of July 13th 2016 and October 3rd 2016. 

The implementation of the unannounced audits will be documented by means of registration in the GMP+ database by the certification body. QS certified companies are required to check whether this requirement is being met. The unannounced audit must be carried out once per certification cycle.

The requirements of the unannounced audit have been documented in the latest version of the GMP+ C3 Assessment and Certification Criteria for GMP+ Certification – product certification and GMP+ C6 Assessment and Certification Criteria for GMP+ Certification – process certification