Renewed GMP+ Integrity Policy

czwartek, 18 maja 2017

Two years after the implementation of the GMP+ Integrity Policy, the GMP+ Internal Integrity Committee carried out the review of this important policy to give more clarification and simplify it. Applying the GMP+ Integrity Policy in a proper way provides all parties in the feed chain with the trust that Certification Bodies conduct GMP+ audits in accordance with GMP+ requirements, and that assessments are carried out in an impartial, competent, and consistent way.

The main changes clarify what the Integrity Policy seeks to achieve, about roles and responsibilities, to provide more specific information about planning the number of compliance audits per year. Furthermore in order to simplify it, in chapter 5.3 we make a reference to the GMP+ C11 Method of and Criteria for the Compliance Assessment of Certification Bodies.

You can find the renewed version of the GMP+ Integrity Policy here (link)