Publication revised GMP+ A1 General Regulation and GMP+ A5 GMP+ Feed

czwartek, 13 lipca 2017

The GMP+ A1 General Regulation and the GMP+ A5 Feed Certification scheme License Agreement have been revised in cooperation with the working group “Affiliates” and the Subcommittee Certification & Compliance and GMP+ International.

Most of the changes are based on International (ISO) standards. 
The documents were approved by the International Expert Committee and recently also by de Dutch Accreditation Council.

Below you can find the main changes per document.


GMP+ A1 General Regulation:

  • Implementation of the definitions of Critical-, Non-Critical location, Outsourcing Party, key-activities, objective evidence and the GMP+ Certification Agreement (between Certification Bodies and the Participants).
  • The Requirements of the GMP+ Logo’s and/or Trademarks are transferred to the GMP+ A3 GMP+ Logo’s and/or Trademarks.
  • Implementation of extraordinary Events.
  • For the GMP+ accepted Certification Body/ Critical-, Non-Critical location and Outsourcing Party it is not allowed to impose additional requirements to the Participant other than specified in the GMP+ FC scheme.
  • The Certification Body is obliged to keep the GMP+ database up to date.
  • After determination of a Critical Nonconformity it is not allowed for the Participant to withdraw his GMP+ certificate on own request.
  • If GMP+ International terminates the collaboration of the GMP+ accepted Certification Body the same is applicable for the Critical-, Non-Critical and Outsourcing Party.  


GMP+ A5 GMP+ Feed Certification scheme License Agreement:

  • Implementation of Critical-, Non-Critical location and Outsourcing Party.
  • The GMP+ accepted Certification Body must establish a SLA/Contract with the above mentioned parties.
  • The conditions/responsibilities of GMP+ accepted Certification Bodies, Critical-, Non-Critical location and Outsourcing Party.
  • Critical- Non Critical location and Outsourcing Party must operate under the feed safety management system and under the responsibility/liability of the GMP+ accepted Certification Body.
  • The Critical location can conduct key-activities, will be visible on the Portal of GMP+ International and will be audited at least once per two years by GMP+ International.
  • Non-Critical location and Outsourcing Party cannot conduct key-activities.  

Changes were made as a result of the implementation of Critical-, Non-Critical location and Outsourcing Party into the GMP+ A1 and GMP A5 documents.  

Two versions of each document will be published.

  1. The revised clean documents,
  2. The original version with changes visible will also be uploaded on the portal, in the History of FSA-document section. However these versions will be removed from the GMP+ portal on 01.10.2017. Accepted Certification Bodies will receive the revised GMP+ A5 GMP+ Feed Certification scheme License Agreement by post.