Proposed changes FC scheme

środa, 19 lipca 2017

GMP+ International published proposed changes to the GMP+ FSA module on the website.

New requirements for laboratories 

As of January 1st 2019, the requirements for laboratories carrying out analyses for GMP+ certified companies will change. As of that date, the analyses for the contaminants Aflatoxin B1, dioxin and dioxin-like PCBs, heavy metals, pesticides and antibiotics, may only be carried out by laboratories registered with GMP+ International.


GMP+ International would like to hear your opinion 

In accordance with the procedure for adjustments to the GMP+ FSA module, all proposed changes will be published on the website for public consultation.

The changes concern two new GMP+ standards:

  • Draft GMP+ B11 Protocol for GMP+ registration for laboratories (new document)
  • Draft GMP+ BA11 Performance criteria for GMP+ Registered Laboratories (new document)


Reaction form

All GMP+ participants are invited to review the proposed changes and to respond to them via this reaction form. In addition, all GMP+ participants are asked to ask the laboratories carrying out analyses for them to respond to the proposed changes. 

You can respond until September 30th 2017. After this date, the comments will be implemented in final drafts that will then be submitted to the International Export Committee for approval.