Newsletter Annual Report 2016

czwartek, 27 lipca 2017

We proudly present the annual report 2016 of GMP+ International. This year, we have taken several important steps towards strengthening our internal organization, one with more attention to the different desires in the market.

In 2016, GMP+ International assessed the 30 accepted Certification Bodies by means of compliance audits, as a result of the continuous implementation of the GMP+ Integrity Policy. Compliance audits risk-based are selected utilizing our renewed risk-based audit framework. 

As a result of parallel audits (to verify the method by which an audit is executed by Certification Bodies), GMP+ International encountered several findings at the participants related to non-compliances with the GMP+ FSA module.  

Top three critical nonconformities determined by Certification Bodies in regular audits at GMP+ FSA participants: 

  1. Purchase and Gatekeeper protocol for products and services from non-GMP+ FSA certified companies.
  2. Noncompliance with the cleaning regime and registration requirements of transport companies.
  3. Lack of cooperation of companies during the GMP+ audits with Certification Bodies and contractual fulfilment of companies with Certification Bodies. 

Of the results mentioned above, purchase requirements are in the top three critical nonconformities observed by the Certification Bodies during regular audits and also in the top three critical findings  observed during parallel audits. These will be analyzed internally for improvement of the current requirements of the GMP+ FC scheme. 

GMP+ International applies the Integrity Policy to ensure confidence that certified companies comply with the principles and requirements of the applicable GMP+ normative standards in a proper and unimpaired manner. Therefore one of the core values of our organization is integrity. We are fair and sincere towards all parties involved, both internal and external. Applying our Integrity Policy in a proper way provides all parties in the feed chain with the trust that Certification Bodies conduct GMP+ audits in accordance with GMP+ requirements and that assessments are carried out in an impartial, competent and consistent way.

As of now, our annual report on 2016 is available online.