Significant steps towards a mutual recognition with the French CSA/GTP

czwartek, 27 lipca 2017

Ovocom, AIC, QS and GMP+ International have concluded that in the recent weeks significant progress has been made in achieving a mutual recognition with the French CSA/GTP standard. In this way, a completely certified chain for the purchasing of French cereals, oilseeds and protein crops comes one step closer.

The French standard covers the collection, the storage, the trading and transport of cereals, oilseeds and protein crops. The GSA/GTP standard is managed by three administrators: Coop de France Métiers du Grain, la Fédération du Négoce Agricole (FNA) and the Syndicat National du Commerce Extérieur des Céréales et Oléoprotéagineux (Synacomex).

These 3 organisations will shortly publish a completely new version of their CSA/GTP Standard. The revision of the standard is the basis of the agreement with the four scheme owners. Some additional adjustments still need to be worked out and implemented. The complete implementation will be effective on January 1, 2019.

For OVOCOM and GMP + International this means in particular that they continue the unilateral acceptance of the CSA/GTP Standard. A mutual recognition agreement will be worked out, so that the correct implementation of the additional adjustments can be closely monitored. The desire of both organisations is to make this agreement after July 1, 2018 result in a full mutual recognition.

For AIC and QS, this agreement paves the way for a full mutual recognition from January 1, 2019.