Auditing GMP+ certified participant not on site

wtorek, 15 sierpnia 2017

Recently GMP+ International has observed in three individual cases that a GMP+ certi-fied participant (certified for the scope “Trade in Feed”) has not been audited on-site by the GMP+ accepted Certification Body. As stated in the relevant chapters of the GMP+ C3/C6 Assessment and Certification Criteria for GMP+ Certification – Prod-uct/Process Certificate the initial certification audit, announced surveillance audit and the recertification audit must always be conducted on-site.

The assessment of the quality documentation for traders and/or affreightment companies for issuing a temporary acceptance can be done off-site.

In some specific cases and/or conditions it is allowed to audit GMP+ certified participant off-site:

In the last two situations the GMP+ accepted certification body is responsible to establish if auditing off-site is justified for the surveillance audit and recertification audit. To establish if a so called “paper” trader is really a “paper” trader an initial on-site audit is mandatory.