List of QM-Milch accepted feed suppliers

czwartek, 31 sierpnia 2017

QM-Milch uses the database of GMP+ and QS for the overview of all QM-Milch accepted producers of and traders in feed.

Acceptance by QM-Milch

QM-Milch accepts both companies that prove via QS certification and GMP+ certification that they meet the QM-Milch requirements. At GMP+ certified companies, this is done by means of certification according to the Country Note GMP+ BCN-DE1 QM-Milch. This Country Note is available on our website here.


In addition to QS-certified companies, the QS-list also contains GMP+ certified companies for delivery in the QM-Milch system

QM-Milch has informed GMP+ International about the update of the list for the QM-Milch system. With regard to the GMP+ companies included in the list, there is an automatic data transmission from the GMP+ database to the QS database. This guarantees that the Country Note GMP+BCN-DE1 QM-Milch is complied with and it facilitates the registration. This technical adjustment is done, given the fact that the QS database, in addition to QS certified feed material companies, also lists other QS accepted companies due to mutual recognition between QS and other standard establishers. This also includes GMP+ companies with a QS deliver right.

The list makes it easier for QM-Milch livestock farmers to check whether their feed supplier meets the QM-Milch requirements.


What do you need to do?

If you are already certified for the Country Note QM-Milch, you don’t have to do anything extra. The relevant data is automatically synced between the GMP+ company database and the QS-database every day. If you also want to be accepted by QM-Milch, please contact your certification-body.

For more information, please see the letter of QM-Milch e.V.