Co-operation SecureFeed

czwartek, 5 października 2017

GMP+ International and SecureFeed work together on the best feed Safety assurance and prevent double work

Rijswijk/Wageningen; October 2nd 2017 - SecureFeed en GMP+ International are intensifying their collaboration. The fact that the assurance system with monitoring and risk assessment of raw materials and the suppliers thereof at SecureFeed is in line with the international quality schemes and standards at GMP+ International, provides the best assurance of the food safety of feed. At the same time, every overlap is eliminated from the activities of SecureFeed and GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (GMP+ FSA) and theirparticipants, and the administrative burden is minimized. With that conviction, GMP+ International and SecureFeed today signed a collaboration agreement.

The work agreements will take effect on October 1st and concern an efficient organization of the participation and exchange of information. Also, from now on, the audits for participants, the Certifying Bodies to be enabled, the interpretation of the tests with tracking & tracing and the monitoring requirement will be coordinated. As of January 1st 2018, the participants of SecureFeed will be asked to submit notifications about situations in which the feed and / or food safety is / may be compromised only to SecureFeed. SecureFeed will process the notification and forward it to GMP+ International. The intention shall always be for participants to deliver details one single time, for multiple use by both organizations.



GMP+ International manages and develops international quality schemes and standards in the field of feed safety. This is done based on multi-stakeholder participation. For and with its participants, SecureFeed manages and develops an assurance system for the feed and food safety of feed by means of risk assessment and monitoring. In addition, SecureFeed independently establishes action and rejection limits for certain contaminants in feed. These are often based on legal and sectoral (GMP+ FSA) limits; however, it can also be an extralegal limit. SecureFeed establishes extralegal limits in coordination with partners in the animal production chain.

Further analysis of both organizations showed that they are supplementary to each other, but that with regard to certain elements, work processes can be connected (better). In other aspects that is not the case or it would lead to additional costs, for instance  in the foundation and the collection of the annual contribution. The agreement, in which both organizations maintain their independent positions, has a duration of three years, and can then be (tacitly) renewed.


Certification requirement for participation

Certification for GMP+ FSA is a requirement for participation in SecureFeed. For GMP+ FSA, companies in all links of the feed chain are required to carry out risk analyses and to monitor the result of their risk control. Companies that deliver feed materials, compound feed and additives directly to livestock farmers carry out those risk analyses and monitoring together via SecureFeed. Its participants, over 500, represent 100% of the production of compound feed in the Netherlands, almost 100% of the production of  moisture rich feed and over 80% of the forage trade. Over 16.000 companies in more than 80 countries are GMP+ FSA certified.