Update your HACCP plan with the treasury of information in the GMP+ Monitoring database

czwartek, 27 lipca 2017

Intended for: users GMP+ Monitoring database

Results of 2016 

Every year, the analysis results of over 20.000 samples are uploaded to the GMP+ Monitoring database and shared (anonymously) with the GMP+ Community. This treasury of information is summarized in the infographic about the results of 2016 shared today. 


Data available to you in a new manner 

As active user of the GMP+ Monitoring database, you can consult the information in the GMP+ Monitoring database at any time. On your request, we have adjusted the names of the reports and in addition, a new report is available. If you would like unlimited access to all information of other GMP+ participants, the only thing you have to do is to share your analysis results (anonymously) with the GMP+ Community. Of course our manual is adjusted to that. 


Available reports 

As soon as you logged in to the GMP+ Monitoring database, you can find the available re-ports under the menu-item ‘reports’:  

Not only have we improved the name of the reports, we have also added a new report. In addition, you can now use the checkmarks to specify what results you would like to have included in the results (your own results, of that of the group you joined and / or the GMP+ Community. We did this to make the system more user-friendly for you!

Previous name

New name

What can you expect of this report?

Report all (un)desirable substances per product

1 product, all (un)desirable substances

Shows all (un-)desirable substances found in one specific product.



1 (un)desirable substance, all products

Shows all products in which one specific (un-)desirable substance is analysed.

Rapportage combination (un)desirable substance & product

1 (un)desirable substance, 1 product: summary results per country

Shows how many samples have been taken of the selected combination and how many of those are within the limit (where a limit is available). The results are displayed per country.

Overview combination (un)desirable substance & product

1 (un)desirable substance, 1 product: individual results

Shows all individual results of the selected combination of 1 product and 1 (un-)desirable substance

Rapportage benchmark

1 (un)desirable substance, 1 product: benchmark

Shows how the proprietary results relate to a group or the GMP+ community.


Download Excel of own results 

In addition to the above-mentioned standard reports, you can also download your own results in an Excel-file from the homepage of the GMP+ Monitoring database. From now on, you can not only download the ‘final samples’ here, but samples with another status as well. When you had your laboratory submit analysis results to the database for instance (status analyzed) you can quickly check the results in Excel and see whether you can finalize the results and can share them with the GMP+ Community.