GMP+ ‘helps you develop your company’

Karol describes how GMP+ International has supported a group of Polish companies in finding new markets and building customer confidence.

Name: Karol Biś
Company: BZK
Headquarters: Ożarów Mazowiecki, Poland
Certified for: Transport of feed
Certified since: December 2015

The BZK Group supports a group of Polish crop processing companies including Bioagra S.A., Bioagra-Oil S.A., Komagra Sp. z o.o., Staoil, Polskie Młyny sp. z o.o., and BZK i W sp. z o.o. in the areas of trade, organisation and logistics. 

“We used to treat GMP+ certification as an unpleasant requirement involving a lot of paperwork. After a few years, we started to realise that all the GMP+ requirements can help us take our company to the next level. The GMP+ certificate is like an insurance policy – a value chain guarantee for our customers.

“Our companies, such as Komagra, Bioagra, and Bioagra-Oil, started with GMP+ certification from the very beginning of their activities in the feed sector. This certification helped us find a new market for our feed products. Obtaining a certificate of compliance of the quality management system with GMP+ FSA requirements is perceived as an indicator of the reliability of products and the repeatability of the production process offered by our companies. This plays a significant role in building a sense of security among partners in the feed production chain. Feed materials supplied by our companies are produced in accordance with the requirements of feed law and standards, i.e. GMP+, ISO 9001, and HACCP, and are of a very high quality.”

Increased customer confidence

“GMP+ International allows us to share experiences, improvements, and optimisations of processes in feed production. Quick and easy access to the GMP+ Academy, including free e-learnings, and a large database of teaching materials on the implementation and improvement of the standard are important aspects supporting the effective use of the GMP+ database. The implementation of the requirements has increased the confidence of our customers in our company.

“I would recommend GMP+ certification because it is essential in the feed industry. It is a guarantee for your customer that your company has an established and compliant Quality Management System. Additionally, you get access to webinars and training in the field of feed safety, daily assistance from the helpdesk, plus clear definitions of feed materials, which is particularly important when purchasing on global markets.

“Become a member of the GMP+ community. You will see that this certification can help you develop your company.”