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About GMP+ International

Everyone, no matter where in the world, should have access to safe food. Thanks to the consistent focus on uniform standards within the entire production chain, GMP+ International brings global feed safety one step closer every single day.

About GMP+ International
About GMP+ International

In 1992, after various serious incidents with contaminated feed materials, the Dutch feed industry decided to establish a certification scheme for feed safety: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Today, over 18.000 companies in more than eighty countries are GMP+ certified.

Our leading schemes contain clear standards and requirements to guarantee safe feed (FSA) and responsible work methods (FRA) throughout the chain. In this, it doesn’t just concern production facilities, but also storage, transport, personnel and procedures. This chain approach makes the GMP+ certification scheme unique in its kind. Because of the integration of ISO standards, HACCP and other elements, the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme has – over the past decades – been able to develop into a full-fledged and widely respected certification scheme that guarantees safety, reliability, quality and sustainability.

A GMP+ certificate is considered to be a license to sell in more and more countries. Affiliated organizations benefit from full support and have access to databases, newsletters, courses, seminars and the helpdesk.

Everyone in the world should have access to safe food. Therefore every company in the animal feed chain should be committed to safe feed.

We deploy a certification scheme that facilitates companies to contribute to safe feed. To keep our scheme and community up to date we gather and share worldwide valuable information regarding feed safety assurance.

In the following document you can read the GMP+ International governance model.

The following policies apply within GMP+ International: 

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