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How to get certified

The GMP+ Feed Certification scheme has two modules: Feed Safety Assurance (GMP+ FSA), for safe feed, and Feed Responsibility Assurance (GMP+ FRA), for a more sustainable work method. Follow the steps below to learn more about ‘How to apply’ for GMP+ Feed Certification. Looking for a Certification Body in your area? Visit the link in step 3.


Check the relevant requirements

Scheme documents

Work towards the requirements

  • How you meet the requirements will depend on your individual circumstances.
  • Organisations apply the standard to their operations before being audited. This may include:
    • defining tasks and responsibilities,
    • instructions for production, or
    • cleaning and setting up quality manuals.
  • Effective feed safety systems enable companies to trace a batch of feed put on the market, as well as the production history.
  • There is a range of support available, from our Support documents and Registered Consultants, to the GMP+ Helpdesk and the GMP+ Academy
Support documents

Find a Cerification Body

  • You should contact an independent Certification Body to apply for certification.
  • All GMP+ International accepted Certification Bodies can be found in the GMP+ Company database.
  • Your company will sign a contract directly with the Certification Body to conduct an audit. They will be your first point of contact during the certification process and conduct all future audits.
Certification Bodies

The Certification Body will conduct an audit

  • If your company complies with the requirements and audit is performed, consisting of an assessment of your documentation and an on-site audit.
  • After a positive assessment, the Certification Body will issue a GMP+ certificate and your company will be able to enjoy all the advantages of being GMP+ certified.

Do you have any questions?

If you have questions about the certification process, please contact your Certification Body or Registered Consultant. 

If you have questions about the GMP+ FC scheme or general requirements please contact our Helpdesk.