GMP+ Academy

The GMP+ Academy enables everyone in the feed chain to learn and share knowledge about feed safety. GMP+ International facilitates a central platform where relevant knowledge is learnt and shared.

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Training for your needs

The GMP+ Academy is the place to learn more about feed safety. Whether you're a new starter or seasoned expert, there are courses and units for every level, available in the classroom and online. Check out the training brochure for an overview of all the training on offer.

Join the discussion

The GMP+ Academy also offers an interactive forum where everyone with a free GMP+ Academy account can join discussions, ask questions, extend your feed network, or reach out to help members of the community.

High quality training

The platform is accessible for everyone, no matter which feed safety management system is applied in your company. Trainings institutes from all over the world can be found on the training marketplace. All training is assessed before being added to the platform to ensure high quality and relevancy.

Get started

Do you want to search for training? You can filter by industry, role, language, publisher, and interests on our training marketplace menu to find the right training for your company.

Microlearning modules GMP+ Academy

GMP+ International also offers microlearning modules. These short e-learning modules help you get acquainted with the basics of feed safety within 10 minutes.

We offer more than 20 microlearning modules and 3 e-learning (20 minutes) on different topics:

These online courses are available in: English, German, Polish, Spanish and Dutch.

Free microlearning

Want to try it out? You can access the ”What are prerequisites?” microlearning for free as part of the “Prerequisites” course.

  1. Go to
  2. Login, or create a free account
  3. Go to the training marketplace
  4. Filter on publisher GMP+ International and filter on language
  5. Scroll down to the microlearning “What are prerequisites?”

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