Mutual Recognition

GMP+ International works with other feed safety schemes on a safe feed chain worldwide. This cooperation makes it possible for GMP+ certified companies to purchase products and services from equivalent certified companies.

The overview below shows with which schemes GMP+ International cooperates and has so-called interchangeability. In general, in addition to GMP+ certified companies, it is possible to do business with companies that are certified under these schemes. This concerns both the purchase of feed and services, but also the sale thereof. More information and possible exceptions can be found in GMP+ BA10 Minimum requirements for purchasing.

Together we work towards feed safety worldwide. Feed safety schemes which do not have mutual recognition with GMP+ International but wishes to get, can contact GMP+ International for more information about the application procedure.

Feed Safety Assurance Schemes




Feed Chain Alliance standaard
(GMP Dierenvoeders)

Ovocom Belgium Website
FEMAS AIC United Kingdom Website
UFAS AIC United Kingdom Website
TASCC AIC United Kingdom Website


Incograin France Website


Coceral Europe Website


Qualimat France Website


FAMI-QS Europe Website


QS Germany More information
pastus+  AMA-Marketing Austria More information
(Select Checkbox RCNA International)
OQUALIM  France  Website

Hygienecode Aardappelsorteerders
& Verpakkers

NAO the Netherlands Website

Diverse Nederlands Teeltschema's

Bo Akkerbouw the Netherlands Website

Hygienecode voor Boederijzuivel-bereiding

Bond Boederijzuivel-bereiders the Netherlands Website
Hygienecode voor Brood- en Banketbakkerij NBC the Netherlands Website


EFISC Europe Website


Partners Organisation Country  Website 

The Collaborative Soy Initiative

CSI Belgium Website

Round Table Responsible Soy

RTRS Argentina Website
Stichting Milieukeur SMK the Netherlands Website
Duurzaam Zuivelketen Duurzame Zuivelketen the Netherlands Website