Introducing HTP Advies: GMP+ Registered Consultant and Training Institute for the GMP+ Academy

HTP Advies has deep expertise in setting up systems for the animal feed and food industries, covering production, storage, transportation, and trade.

Welcome HTP Advies B.V.

HTP Advies has been active as a consultancy in the field of quality management for more than 30 years, particularly within the animal feed and food sector. The activities of HTP Advies now include setting up and implementing quality management systems in accordance with one or a combination of various standards in the field of quality, (food/feed) safety and the environment. HTP Advies is mainly active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Commitment as a GMP+ Registered Consultant

“We assist and inspire companies, particularly their employees, in implementing management systems. We offer customised advice to help companies meet challenging legal requirements, turning them into practical solutions that enhance overall performance. Our goal is to continue this work and expand our services to include sustainability systems.”— Huguette Tychon, Consultant

Why GMP+ Academy?

HTP Advies believes they can help companies improve their understanding of feed and food safety and make this knowledge sustainable and easy to manage within the company, through trainings. “We aim to make our trainings accessible to all levels within an organisation by ensuring they are interactive. Through open registration, we attract diverse groups of participants who can engage with each other, share insights, and learn collaboratively” - Anne van der Heijden, Consultant.