A GMP+ examination is a test to ensure whether GMP+ auditors have the required knowledge to be applied during an audit.

Certification Bodies who have applied and awaiting approval can still submit auditors for the GMP+ exam. To do so please consult the Exam Regulation.

You can find the dates for the upcoming exams in our year planning 2024.


General information digital examination: 

FAQ GMP+ Digital Examination

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This describes the level of knowledge that GMP+ International expects from GMP+ auditors. An exam is developed on the basis of an overview main and sub-knowledge levels.

Note: the knowledge levels documentation can be adjusted if there is a cause for this.

Overview Exam AF - Affreightment
Overview Exam CF - Production of compound feed
Overview Exam FA - Production of feed additives
Overview Exam FM - Production of feed materials
Overview Exam GP - General part/core 
Overview Exam IW - Short sea shipping and inland waterways transport
Overview Exam PR - Production of premixtures
Overview Exam RT - Transport of feed, road transport 
Overview Exam ST - Storage and transshipment of feed
Overview Exam TR - Trade in feed