Feed safety knowledge is not competitive

It should be easy to build knowledge on feed safety. That’s why the GMP+ Academy is simple, affordable, and growing. Understanding how feed safety applies to your work is important for everyone in our industry, but it has not always been easy to access and build knowledge.

Picture Roland van der Post

With a large and diverse value chain, we want everyone to understand their role in maintaining safe feed. That’s why the GMP+ Academy exists, because securing and spreading this knowledge is important for all of us.

The GMP+ Academy is for training providers and companies in the feed chain - connecting supply and demand. Training institutes get to share their training offers with a broad market, meaning companies and their employees can simply and quickly find training offers for their specific knowledge needs.

Easy access

We wanted to make access to the Academy as easy as possible. Registering is free, lots of training is low cost, and is available online so you and your colleagues can do it anywhere, and any time. More than 5,500 people used the GMP+ Academy platform last year alone. They learned from a range of feed safety specialists from 11 learning institutes on topics like feed safety culture, prerequisites, and safe transport.

For example, our learning materials that improve or refresh your knowledge on HACCP - which is fundamental to understanding risk management in feed safety - take 20 minutes, and after successfully completing you receive your own certificate by email.

I’m very proud of the hard work of the team - our GMP+ International colleagues of course, as well as all the training providers and training institutes. I think the Collective Knowledge Programme deserves a special mention; leading feed experts from AB Agri, De Heus, Trouw Nutrition, and Veravis have come together to build micro-learning modules on feed safety. They are proof, if it were needed, that feed safety knowledge is not competitive.

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The Academy is constantly growing, and each new course and training provider helps secure and spread feed safety knowledge in our community. It’s important for us that the training on offer meets the needs of the community, so if you think there is a training need we should consider, or you know a training provider with something valuable to offer, please let us know.

We are closer than ever to a position where everyone in our sector can learn the fundamentals about feed safety whenever, and wherever, they are. There are moments when even basic knowledge can stop a contamination, and we want everyone in our community to be able to learn and share this critical knowledge.

It’s an easy first step; just register for free, and I’m sure you will find something on our ever-growing Academy that will help you play your role in making our feed sector safer.