QESH Consult ApS becomes first GMP+ Registered Consultant in Denmark

“Our primary goal is to help the company develop in a direction where there is more focus on feed safety and quality.”- QESH

The first in Denmark

Welcome to QESH Consult ApS, the newest addition to our Registered Consultants roster and the first in Denmark. We are happy that gradually, independent consultants are recognising and considering joining this programme. Our goal is to align the consultancy services of independent consultants globally to ensure quality of service to companies.

QESH Consult ApS

With more than 6 years’ experience with the GMP+ FSA scheme, QESH Consult ApS have helped many companies in Denmark develop their feed safety management systems. Their expertise extends to ISO and VLOG as well as the GMP+ FSA scheme.

“Our strength is that we can communicate complicated standards in a way that is understandable to people who are not involved in quality assurance on a daily basis. Our goal is to support small and medium-sized feed companies that do not have the necessary resources to build quality systems but are good at following the described procedure to focus on their daily operations,” says Frank, QESH owner

What can we expect from QESH?

We are committed to delivering honest and trustworthy advice in such a way that our clients are able to implement and understand the scheme. We will seek to align their consultancy services with GMP+ International and keep our clients abreast of all information at all times.

Join us and get registered!

If you are interested in learning more about being a GMP+ Registered Consultant and registering your own company, feel free to contact our Business Development.