Turning the page to 2024

The future of our sector is not set in stone, but our community has the innovation and initiative to meet our challenges. With a new year approaching, I want to take stock.

Picture of Roland van der Post

2023 Has been busy and rewarding. We developed new standards, supported the transition to our renewed scheme, and our community grew.

Our report card

The good news is we enter next year with the strong support of our community. The GMP+ Academy has been receiving positive reviews, and we worked with Ipsos to independently survey the GMP+ Community - which gave a clear response - our work is valued. 

Our community finds our international recognition, quality assurance, and compliance to industry requirements as reasons why they would promote our scheme and services to colleagues or business relations.

The results also confirmed that the developments we have planned are aligned with what the community is asking for. Next year you can expect to see significant improvements to our portal, feed support database (FSD), searchable digitised scheme documents, and a new website, meaning you will find the information you need easier to access, and simpler to understand and use.

Safe and sustainable

Perhaps the biggest development in recent times is just how much our community is demanding for sustainability to be a focus of our work.

The companies who make up our community, the largest collective for feed safety in the world, can make a difference. Our contribution as a standard setter is to raise the bar and the baseline, convene discussions, and make it easier for our diverse sector to be more sustainable.

This year we developed new Carbon Footprint and Deforestation standards, and engaged with important developments in our sector including the EU Deforestation-free Regulations (EUDR), and the growing potential for insect-based feed.

Our work is a collaborative creation. As GMP+ certified companies you help make and maintain our standards, and we truly want your involvement as we review them, enhance them, and develop new ones.


If I reflect on the many discussions our community has had over the past year, it is clear that the future of our sector is not set in stone. We face significant challenges, both in how our industry operates, and bigger questions about what impact we want to have on our planet. 

However, we know from our own experience that we can meet the challenge. When GMP+ International was founded, a widely-adopted global safety framework seemed impossible - but our community rose to the task. The same is true for today’s big questions - and we believe the innovation and initiative present in our industry is more than capable of finding pragmatic possibilities.

Our ongoing collaboration will continue in that spirit; looking for solutions, not just problems - exploring opportunities, not just threats - and remaining optimistic about the progress we can create in the future,

Thank you for your continued support and initiative. I’m excited about what we will achieve together next.