Company misusing the GMP+ FSA logo

donderdag 29 juli 2021

The following company is not GMP+ registered, despite misusing the GMP+ FSA logo on their website 


        Business Center "Vyborgskaya Zastava", Bolshoi Sampsonievsky Prospect, 68N, lit. A, 5th floor (metro            Lesnaya), St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

This company is not a GMP+ Registered Consultant. Therefore, their use of GMP+ FSA logo is unauthorised. Consequently, their GMP+ related services (e.g. consulting service) are not equal to GMP+ authorised agencies.

It is important to note that only GMP+ Registered Consultants, GMP+ accepted Certification Bodies and GMP+ certified companies are allowed to use GMP+ FSA logo on their website.

In doubt? 
Always consult the website
GMP+ website to check whether a consultancy you are doing business with is truly GMP+ registered. This prevents you from facing corporate damages.

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