Unauthorized GMP+ certificate, October 2021

woensdag 20 oktober 2021

Please be aware; this organisation issues certificates which may raise the impression that your company is GMP+ FSA certified.

An organisation is raising the impression that they are a GMP+ accepted Certification Body. This organisation issues unauthorised GMP+ FSA certificates. The organisation involved is:

Optimum Certifications Inc. (OCI)
Raj Nagar, Part-||, Palam, New Delhi, Delhi 110077, India
Website: https://ocicert.com/

If you have been in contact with this organization, please inform us. We are taking all possible actions to solve this issue. You can find an overview of all accepted CB’s on https://portal.gmpplus.org/en-US/cdb/certification-body/.

In doubt?

Always consult the GMP+ Company Database check whether a company is truly GMP+ FSA certified. This can prevent you from facing corporate damages.