GMP+ FRA Responsible soy standards compliant with requirements of QS

The GMP+ FRA standards for the production and trade of responsible soy will be recognized for the QS Add-on module: Purchase of deforestation free soy.

Do you deliver your products to a QS certified company?

As GMP+ International, we believe that deforestation and its impact on sustainability is an important topic. For that reason, we developed Feed Responsibility Assurance (FRA) standards that assure the supply of responsible soy (including zero deforestation and zero conversion). QS is on the same page as they developed a standard for deforestation free soy (QS Add-on module: Purchase of deforestation free soy).

Due to a strong market demand for demonstrating sustainability, QS is making it mandatory for companies in their supply chain who trade, process or handle soybeans(products) to be certified for a deforestation free soy standard as of 01-01-2024. This has an impact on GMP+ certified companies delivering to the QS chain.

Together with QS we came to the conclusion that our GMP+ FRA standards for the production and trade of responsible soy will be equivalent to the QS Add-on module: Purchase of deforestation free soy:

  • MI101 / MI5.1 Production and trade of RTRS
  • MI102 / MI5.2 Responsible pig & poultry feed
  • MI103 / MI5.3 Responsible dairy feed

To ensure that GMP+ certified companies can continue delivering their soybean(products) to the QS chain, you will have to become certified for the relevant GMP+ FRA standard(s) or another responsible soy standard accepted by QS no later than 31-12-2024. The verification on the implementation of the requirements will take place during the next GMP+ audit in 2024. During this audit, the scope (add on) will be verified to assess if the requirements have been met as of 01-01-2024. This audit has to take place before 31-12-2024.

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