‘GMP+ certification has been an enriching experience’

Terminal XXXIX de Santos is a logistics company located in the port of Santos, São Paulo (Brazil). The company specialises in storage and transhipment services for solid bulk of vegetable origin. In its work, Terminal XXXIX is committed to safety, quality, value creation, sustainability, and improving the lives of employees and the surrounding community.

Terminal XXXIX

Name: Rodrigo Radi
Company: Terminal XXXIX de Santos S.A.
Headquarters: Santos, Brazil
Certified for: GMP+ B3 Trade, collection and storage & transshipment
Certified since: 2003

“Feed safety has been a main priority from day one. We were founded in May 2002 and, after successfully implementing our feed safety management system, we received our GMP+ FSA certificate in October 2003. We believe that an unapologetic commitment to quality and safety ultimately always leads to better services, more satisfied customers, and higher trust.”

“For us, being GMP+ FSA certified means being a leading force in our industry, and it enables us to find new business opportunities. Complying with the requirements of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme always keeps you on your toes and enriches the company in terms of knowledge and expertise. Above all, it helps us to safeguard feed safety across our business operations, as well as in the feed logistics chain at large.”

“Our GMP+ certification is proof of our commitment to the highest possible standards, but it doesn’t end there. We are continuously working to keep improving. Thanks to GMP+ certification, and of course the efforts of our valued employees, Terminal XXXIX de Santos has been contributing to Feed Safety Worldwide for twenty years and counting. Of that we are extremely proud.”