‘GMP+ is not just a project, it’s a new way of working’

Hamlet Protein is a global leader in soy-based specialty ingredients for young animals. The Denmark headquartered company believes providing the right nutrition in the first life stage is crucial for the overall lifetime performance of the animal. Founded in 1989, the company has seen consistent growth due to its extensive scientific research and close relationships with customers. Hamlet Protein partners with feed mills, premixers, home mixers, integrators, and farmers all over the world.

Name: Erik Visser
Company: Hamlet Protein
Location: Horsens, Denmark
Certified since: 2002

“At Hamlet Protein we believe a healthy business starts with healthy animals. That’s why we focus on providing  young animals with the right nutrition at the right time, in order to improve their overall lifetime performance. Our patented bioconversion process enables us to deliver soy specialty ingredients of identical and consistent quality from our plants in Denmark and the US.”

“For over thirty years, our reputation has been built on high standards. That is why we invest continuously in the quality of our products, processes, and people. It also means feed safety is always on top of our minds. We wanted to become GMP+ FSA certified because it is a specific standard for feed safety and well-known to our customers in Europe and Asia. In the past, we used multiple quality systems, but we feel GMP+ FSA is the best solution for our business partners across the world.”

“Although we did find the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme challenging to implement at first, we always got great support from GMP+ International. They met with us to clarify some standards, which was really helpful. We welcome the renewed GMP+ FC scheme, as it makes it easier to understand and apply.”

“GMP+ is more than a scheme. We have used their Early Warning System, the GMP+ Academy and fact sheets for risk assessments. We also look forward to participating in webinars about relevant subjects or challenges facing the sector. I would recommend other companies to join the scheme but do make sure you have the full commitment from management and the rest of your team. GMP+ is not just a project, it is  implementing a new way of working and following through consistently.”