‘GMP+ is not just a standard, it’s a learning experience’

AGRAVIS Group is a well-known agricultural trading company. Based in Münster, Germany, AGRAVIS is involved in animal nutrition, crop production and agricultural technology. It is also active in the business segments of energy and Raiffeisen DIY markets.


Name: Sonja Woestmann & Carsten Wichterich
Company: AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG
Headquarters: Münster, Germany
Certified for: GMP+FSA B1, B3, B4
Certified since: 1998

Within the animal sector, the company focuses on the production and distribution of compound feed, specialty feed and veterinary medicines. It exports to more than 100 countries worldwide. With 6,300 employees and 400 locations, AGRAVIS Group generates an annual turnover of 7.3 billion euros.

“The histories of AGRAVIS and the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme are closely intertwined. The GMP+ approach to raw material control was in line with our way of thinking about feed safety. This is why our animal feed factories in Dörpen and Münster became the first GMP+ certified locations in Germany. AGRAVIS’ trading departments, grain storage facilities and most of our feed mills are now GMP+ FSA certified. The scheme helps us optimise our quality management systems.”

“Thanks to GMP+ certification, we operate across borders with the same standards and requirements everywhere. The mutual recognition of other schemes is extremely important as it ensures full certification of all participants in the feed chain. We have found GMP+ International to be an open partner in discussions. For over two decades, we have been active in GMP+ International’s working groups, enabling us to exchange valuable knowledge and practices.”

“The GMP+ Feed Certification scheme offers many additional benefits. We especially like the risk assessments of raw materials, which we use often. The new short courses in the GMP+ Academy are both well-made and informative. In addition, the GMP+ helpdesk is very helpful. All kinds of questions are answered quickly and easily, which is extremely important for a trading and manufacturing company. Ultimately, GMP+ is not just a standard but a valuable internal learning experience that helps us grow every day.”