GMP+ journey ‘a profound learning experience’

Feed supplements are re-emerging, and its market is expected to grow in the coming years. María Bravo, from Spanish biotech company INGULADOS, shares how GMP+ International has supported her company’s commitment to providing safe and high quality postbiotics.

Maria Bravo

Name: María Bravo
Headquarters: Cáceres, Spain
Certified for: Production of feed materials
Certified since: May 2023

INGULADOS was founded with a clear research vocation, emphasizing technology, innovation, and knowledge in the field of animal health. They specialise in the design and manufacture of postbiotics, feed nutraceutical supplements for animal health, and nutrition.

“Having recently obtained GMP+ certification—within the last year—we, at INGULADOS, are relatively new. Our journey with GMP+ International has been a profound learning experience, as we have explored the ins and outs of the certification process and its comprehensive approach to ensuring feed safety.

“The introduction of new products and concepts such as postbiotics and nutraceuticals are reshaping the feed industry. GMP+ certification not only ensures compliance with safety standards but also provides a solid foundation for adapting to evolving industry trends. By embracing this certification, companies can position themselves at the forefront of regulatory compliance, gaining a competitive edge in a market that demands excellence in safety, quality, and innovation.

Collaboration is the key

“As newcomers, we have actively engaged with auditors, advisors, partners, and the certification itself, absorbing valuable insights and best practices. Our postbiotic was innovative and has a novel approach, so adapting our operations to meet the stringent feed framework posed initial challenges. For that, the collaboration with the GMP+ Risk Assessment process GMP+ team has been essential to work on including our product in the Product list. The collaborative learning environment has not only facilitated the integration of GMP+ into our operations but has also strengthened our commitment to upholding the highest standards in animal health and nutrition.

“INGULADOS decision to attain GMP+ certification reflects a strategic responsibility to global excellence in safety and quality. The emphasis on continuous improvement and adaptability provides a competitive edge, positioning INGULADOS as a reliable and innovative feed supplements producer.

“Active involvement in the GMP+ community further contributes to ongoing industry enhancement. The collaborative ecosystem fostered by GMP+ International during the Task Force Spain involved various stakeholders in the feed sector and has contributed to a sense of community and shared responsibility. Ultimately, GMP+ certification reinforces INGULADOS dedication to delivering safe, high-quality postbiotics responsibly manufactured for animal nutrition.”