‘GMP+ offers great support to certified companies’

Nutrion produces fats & fatty acids for animal nutrition. Its main production plants are located in Spain and Indonesia, from where products are distributed worldwide. Nutrion has offices in Europe, Asia and North America.

Name: Maria Reyes Gutierrez Martin
Company: Nutrion
Position: Quality and Feed Safety Manager
Headquarters: Madrid, Spain
Certified for: B1, B2 and B3
Certified since: 2006

“Although we are active on four continents, Nutrion is still very much a family business. The company was founded by Alejandro Burgaleta in 1995 and has seen a lot of growth since then. We now employ more than one hundred people, with production plants in Europe and Asia, and trade offices in North America and Singapore. Because we work all over the world, and also sell all over the world, we want to have the same standards everywhere. GMP+ provides the framework for that.”

“We were one of the first companies in Spain to become GMP+ FSA certified, and within our particular industry, one of the first in Indonesia as well. Now, in Asia, we not only demand GMP+ certification from our suppliers, we also help them getting certified. If you truly want to have a safe feed production chain, you have to take responsibility and do your part. The only way to grow together, is to work together.”

“That is why we also offer feedback and advice to GMP+ International for improving the scheme. Companies know their markets and particularities better than anyone else. We explain challenges and offer solutions, and GMP+ International is always there to listen and follow up. I believe GMP+ did a great job with the redesigned scheme. Because it is aligned with ISO, and it makes it easier to implement.”

“We also benefit a lot from GMP+ International’s additional services, like the Risk Assessments. We read them every time we start working with new products, so we understand the risks. We use the Company Database to check every new supplier, and the GMP+ Academy to train our staff all over the world... And if we have questions, the Helpdesk and the GMP+ National Representative in Spain are ready to help. With these services, and events like the Global Feed Safety Summit, GMP+ International really moves the sector forward. GMP+ International stands with companies, not above them. That’s what I like most about them.”