Our vision and mission

In our daily endeavour to achieve “Feed Safety Worldwide”, we are guided by our vision, mission and core values. They inspire and challenge us to deliver the best possible feed safety scheme and services to our GMP+ Community.

Vision & Mission

Our vision

Everyone should have access to safe food of animal origin, no matter who they are and where they live. This is why every company in the animal feed chain should be committed to safe feed.

Our mission 

We deploy a feed certification scheme that enables companies to contribute to safe feed. To keep our scheme and community up to date, we gather valuable information regarding feed safety assurance and share it worldwide.

Our core values

As we strive to realise our vision and mission, we adhere to our core values. They guide our decision-making process and collaboration with stakeholders.

  • Market focus
    We focus on the needs of our GMP+ Community.

  • Thought leadership
    We inspire our GMP+ Community with innovative ideas.

  • Together
    We achieve the best results for the entire chain by working closely with our stakeholders.

  • Pragmatic
    We act in a way that is realistic and workable in daily practice.