“Feed safety worldwide” requires the best efforts of every company in the feed chain. Above all, it requires collaboration. That is why we work closely together with relevant parties in the chain and will continue to invest in our global partnership network.


Working closely together with all parties in the feed chain keeps our scheme up to date and ensures that it meets companies’ needs.

Audits are carried out by independent Certification Bodies (CBs). Their auditors are tasked with determining whether companies adhere to the standards of our scheme.  

Companies and partners contribute to the development of the scheme, among other things by taking part in our Expert Committees, which serve as advisory bodies for GMP+ International.

We also highly value our close working relationships with industry chain partners. Their input helps us identify specific challenges in different countries, regions and sectors.

Independent Registered Consultants, operating in many countries, advise and support companies on the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme.

With over 19,000 GMP+ certified companies, the GMP+ FC scheme is the largest in the world. However, it is not the only one. We have mutual recognition arrangements with other feed safety schemes to ensure the highest level of feed safety, regardless of a company's preferred scheme.