Feed Certification scheme

GMP+ International owns and manages the world's largest feed certification scheme. GMP stands for "Good Manufacturing Practices" and the + for the integration of HACCP ("Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points").

GMP+ Feed Certification scheme 2010

The GMP+ International certification scheme consists of Feed Safety Assurance (GMP + FSA), for safe feed, and Feed Responsibility Assurance (GMP + FRA), for a sustainable working method.

License to sell

What started in 1992 as a set of guidelines for the Dutch feed sector has grown into a full-fledged certification scheme. The scheme is recognized and respected worldwide, partly through the integration of ISO quality management requirements and HACCP. GMP+ FSA is therefore considered a ‘license to sell’ in more and more countries. More than 18,000 companies in more than eighty countries are now GMP + FSA certified.

Not only do companies with a GMP+ certificate contribute to safe feed; they also enjoy many other benefits. This way they positively market their organization and they have access to various knowledge sources and additional services.

Below, we have listed all benefits for you. With GMP+ International...

  1. You contribute to safe feed and a strong supply chain;
  2. You improve the quality policy of your organization through ISO-based quality management and risk control (HACCP);
  3. You gain access to Feed Support Products, databases and helpdesk;
  4. You have a license to sell in a growing number of countries;
  5. You improve business continuity and processes;
  6. You can trade with companies in other schemes thanks to harmonization;
  7. You benefit from a professional and reliable appearance;
  8. You are part of a global community;
  9. You help decide about the content and future of the scheme.