GMP+ FRA certification

With GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance (GMP+ FRA) certification, companies demonstrate that they meet market requirements for working responsibly with regard to people and the environment. 

Companies that are GMP+ FSA certified already meet the basic requirements to be able to easily add a GMP+ FRA certificate. 

Over the past decade, working responsibly has become a must for a rapidly growing number of companies all across the world. Consumers ask for it, governments are starting to demand it. By using a responsible production process, you contribute to the wellbeing of animals, the environment and future generations.

GMP+ International is owner of the largest and most extensive feed safety assurance scheme, GMP+ FSA, in the world. The GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance (GMP+ FRA) certification helps you prove to your suppliers and customers that your company is taking its responsibilities.

Collaboration with market initiatives

But who decides what is ‘responsible’ with regard to producing feed? Although safety standards can largely be documented, the term ‘responsible’ is much harder to quantify. Standards with regard to working responsibly vary greatly per product and region. It would not be appropriate for GMP+ International to tell the feed sector what they can and cannot do with regard to working responsibly.

That is why GMP+ International does not define any standards for GMP+ FRA. Instead, we have decided to follow the standards of various relevant market initiatives. To create maximum support, the sector itself decides what a responsible production method implies exactly. Independent and GMP+ International approved Certification Bodies audit whether companies are adhering to these standards. If they are, they are granted GMP+ FRA certification.

For more information about the collaboration with market initiatives, please download our GMP+ FRA Policy Document

How do I become GMP+ FRA certified?

  • Step 1: Notify your Certification Body
  • Step 2: Read the Applicable documents
  • Step 3: Implement the requirements
  • Step 4: Have an audit carried out (a combined audit for both GMP+ FSA and FRA)
  • Step 5: Obtain GMP+ FRA certification from your Certification Body


Independent, GMP+ International approved Certification Bodies carry out the audits. During an audit, the Certification Body checks whether your company actually operates in accordance with the standards of GMP+ FRA. During just one visit a year, your company can be audited for both GMP+ FSA and GMP+ FRA.


The A, B and D documents of GMP+ International provide companies – both certified companies and companies interested in certification – with all relevant information about the GMP+ certification scheme: from general conditions to implementation.