FRA History documents

On this page, you will find an overview of the documents associated with the GMP+ FSA module, that have been updated or replaced.

Older documents and the documents of the previous scheme can be requested via the Helpdesk.

GMP+ B100 Feed Responsibility Management System (version 01.01.2016)

GMP+ MI101 Production and trade of RTRS soy  (version 01.01.2015)

GMP+ MI105 GMO Controlled (version 01.07.2021)

GMP+ MI105 GMO Controlled (version 27.02.2020)

GMP+ D3.9 FAQ GMP+ FRA Certification (version 27.02.2020)

GMP+ C4 Tariff 2021 (version 01-01-2021) Explanatory notes to GMP+ C4 - Tariff 2021
GMP+ C4 Tariff 2020 (version 01-01-2020) Explanatory notes to GMP+ C4 - Tariff 2020