GMP+ FSA certification

GMP+ FSA certified companies demonstrate that they meet all requirements and conditions for the assurance of feed safety. FSA stands for Feed Safety Assurance.

With over 18.000 GMP+ FSA certified companies, it is the largest module within the GMP+ certification scheme. GMP+ FSA contains standards for all links in the chain. Certified companies are audited by independent bodies, accepted by GMP+ International, the so-called Certification bodies.

Over the years, the FSA module (GMP+ feed certification scheme) has professionalized more and more. ISO 9001, HACCP, feed safety limits, traceability, monitoring, prerequisite programs and the Early Warning System (EWS) are examples of what has been integrated in the GMP FSA module. Because of this broad approach, the GMP+ FSA certificate serves in practice as a license to sell in more and more countries.

The certificate

Although for GMP+ International, FSA is purely about risk management, a certificate also helps companies generate more business and tapping into new markets. The chain approach lays a solid and important foundation for safe feed: it largely guarantees that all links in the chain assure the quality assurance for feed and services in a uniform and transparent manner. But because of the independent certification, the buyer also takes its own responsibility. 

The unique chain approach used by GMP+ International merges the best of both worlds: individual and joint responsibility. Because every link in the chain commits itself, feed safety responsibility is secured throughout the GMP+ market. Also, becoming part of a chain helps companies expand into new, global markets.

The documents

The A, B and D documents of GMP+ International provide companies – both certified companies and companies interested in certification – with all relevant information about the GMP+ certification scheme: from general conditions to implementation.