Countdown has begun; prepare to transition to the renewed scheme

Be prepared. All certified companies need to transition to the GMP+ FC scheme 2020 by 01 March 2025 to avoid disruption to their business. The GMP+ Feed Certification scheme (GMP+ FC scheme) has been updated, and less than two years from now the GMP+ FC scheme 2010 expires. If you haven’t prepared for the transition yet, now is the time to get ready.

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A better scheme

The GMP+ FC scheme 2020 moves away from a rules-based approach and instead focuses on achieving safe outcomes, allowing companies to take a more flexible and proactive approach to feed safety management.

Under the renewed scheme we are working with principles and goals; allowing companies to find the right approach to feed safety for their unique situation. This means that companies can focus on how they manage feed safety the best, rather than just following a broad set of rules.

The GMP+ FC scheme 2010 expires on 01 March 2025, and all companies need to be certified under the GMP+ FC scheme 2020 before then. After 01 March 2024, audits using the GMP+ FC 2010 scheme will no longer be allowed. Much of the content has not changed, and companies who have already transitioned tell us it isn’t difficult to do so - but it can take some time depending on your company and when your audit is scheduled.

We’re here to help

Most Certification Bodies (CBs) are now ready to audit using the GMP+ FC  scheme 2020, so between now and the deadline your CB will be looking for you to demonstrate that you have taken the necessary steps to apply the renewed standard to your operations.

Luckily, we’ve made it as easy as possible with a range of guidance and support on hand:

With our Transition procedure you can see the actions and time frames for all parties to transition to the GMP+ FC scheme 2020. (Available in English, Dutch, German and Polish.)

You can use our List of changes to see what has been updated with the renewed scheme, and which changes are relevant for you. (Available in English, Dutch, German and Polish.)

With our Cross-reference tables you can find where in the renewed GMP+ FC scheme 2020 the old requirements of the GMP+ FC scheme 2010 are located. (Available in English, Dutch and German.)

And, you can always reach out to the GMP+ helpdesk.

Community support

GMP+ International is not the only source of support. A number of companies are now offering training on the renewed standard and what is needed for the transition, including on the GMP+ Academy, and we’re very appreciative of all the organisations who are here to support our community.

Also, your CB may also be able to help you. In fact, we would encourage an open dialogue with your CB, as in future you may find yourselves discussing what the renewed standard looks like for you and your circumstances. Far from being disruptive, these discussions are an important part of building an ongoing feed safety culture, and ensuring that everyone in our community is making conscious choices, not just box-ticking.

Where to begin

If you have not yet begun your transition, now is the time. For some companies, not much may change. For others, you may want to prepare. As well as the range of support available above, here are two things you can do that can help you understand what the new standard means for you;

Firstly; find out what scopes apply to your company. You can find this in the ‘F 0.3 Scopes for Certification’ document under section 2.2. You can find this in English, Dutch, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, and Czech.

Secondly; Follow the recommendations that apply to you, and make any changes for your situation. All the supporting documents you need can be found here in English, Dutch, German, Polish, French, Spanish,  Italian, and Czech.

Then - just prepare for your audit under the new certification. Once transitioned, you will be able to continue to deliver in the GMP+ chain under a more flexible standard that is outcomes focused, and easier to apply to your unique situation.