Meet our new partner Apheya Animal Nutrition

Introducing our latest partner in the United Kingdom: Apheya Animal Nutrition. They bring extensive knowledge in feed production, safety protocols, auditing, and training.

About Apheya Animal Nutrition

Known for their expertise in feed safety, Apheya has a team of experienced professionals who help businesses to make sure that their animal feed meets all the safety requirements. Covering all aspects of animal nutrition and feed safety, Apheya provides training and consultancy services tailored to companies’ needs.

GMP+ Registered Consultant

“There are many businesses in UK and Ireland who are not aware of the benefits of certification with a globally-recognised assurance scheme, such as GMP+ International. We have many years of experience in supporting feed businesses in developing and maintaining their feed safety systems, and we want to share this with new customers across the world and offer new options to our growing customer base.”—Victoria Philips, Managing Director.

Registered Training Institute

“We support GMP+ certified companies in the UK. We offer our training programmes to them as well as our other feed customers. We appreciate the opportunity to launch our popular training programmes internationally and look forward to building new relationships with GMP+ certified companies. All our employees have worked in the feed industry, as nutritionists and/or auditors, and have real-life, practical experience of the challenges of feed manufacturing. We bring our training to life with real-life examples, and we will be looking to continually develop our training programmes in line with advances in feed assurance and corporate responsibility.”—Victoria Philips, Managing Director.

According to Victoria, following Brexit, it is more important than ever for feed businesses in the UK to build relationships with global partners like GMP+ International. This partnership will help their customers benefit from international connections and get support with information on global supply chains. These connections are vital for developing a sustainable feed industry in the UK for the future.

Join us and become a Registered Partner!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a GMP+ Registered Consultant and registering your own company, feel free to contact our Business Development.