ABIOVE new partner for GMP+ International

GMP+ International focuses on the importance of feed safety in the entire feed supply chain. ABIOVE and GMP+ International will work hand in hand in promoting feed safety and increasing knowledge for their members.


The Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Industries (ABIOVE) represents companies in Brazil producing bran, vegetable oils and biodiesel. The association cooperates in the execution of sector policies, promotes sustainability programmes and generates statistics used in sectoral studies.

'By promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience, this partnership will facilitate our members in gaining better knowledge of feed safety management systems from an internationally recognised scheme. This adds value and hopefully will inspire companies to prioritise feed safety' — says André Meloni Nassar, President.

Why collaboration is important

'Recently, a self-verification law for the agricultural sector has been implemented in Brazil, which require Brazilian companies to implement process monitoring programmes to guarantee the quality, harmlessness and safety of products. The duly structured and internationally recognised certification programmes, such as GMP+ FSA, include good practice procedures and risk management principles that are aligned with these new Brazilian legislation requirements. With this partnership, we can easily disseminate information and share knowledge about feed safety.'

Let’s collaborate, Become our partner!

GMP+ International currently has nearly 50 chain partners from all over the world and we continue to seek more collaborations. If you are interested to becoming a partner, contact our Business Development unit.