Upload your analysis results

Share your analysis results in the GMP+ Monitoring database. Every year, GMP+ International publishes an infographic for the GMP+ Community showing the evaluation of the GMP+ monitoring results.

Before we start with the evaluation of 2022, we kindly ask you to upload the last results for 2022 to the GMP+ Monitoring database before 21 April 2023 and to share them anonymously with the GMP+ Community.

After 21 April we will start with the evaluation, so please share the results that are requested under GMP+ requirements (e.g. Aflatoxin B1, Salmonella results and their serotyping, dioxins, animal proteins according to GMP+ BA4/TS 1.7). You will find the requirements in GMP+ BA4/TS 1.7, GMP+ BA10/TS 1.2 and some of our Country Notes (e.g. BCN-NL1).

Please be aware that we can only use your results if you share them with the GMP+ Community.

Share all your analyses

The more analysis results are shared in the GMP+ Monitoring database, the more valuable the evaluation of 2022 will be. We therefore invite you to share all your analyses. After all: you can use this information in your HACCP analysis to assess the risks.

Upload support

If you have any problems when uploading and/or sharing the analysis results, you can find more information in our GMP+ Monitoring database Manual or contact GMP+ International Helpdesk. A Microsoft Teams session can be arranged with a GMP+ International employee for introduction of/support on use of GMP+ Monitoring database.