GMP+ International and RTRS renew their collaboration agreement

GMP+ International and the Round Table on Responsible Soy have redefined their collaboration. In a significant move towards promoting the use of responsible soy, GMP+ International and the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) have renewed and amended their collaboration agreement.

This renewed cooperation between the parties confirms their commitment to promoting the production and trade of RTRS responsible soy through the GMP+ FRA MI5.1 document. The GMP+ MI5.1 document is equivalent to the RTRS Chain of Custody standard.

Working Together

“Collaborating with an organisation renowned for its exemplary track record and market trustworthiness has been invaluable. Our alliance with RTRS since 2013 underscores our shared commitment to promoting responsible soy practices.” – Roland van der Post, GMP+ Managing Director.

“As a global and multisectoral round table for soy, we take pride in working in synergy with GMP+ International and aligning our strategies around common objectives. This certification equivalence is a significant step in promoting the use of responsible soy, providing companies with a new pathway to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability” – Luiza Bruscato, RTRS Global Executive Director.

Learn about the Responsible Soy Standard

With increasing consumer awareness about sustainability issues, there is a growing demand for responsibly sourced soy products. Companies in the soy supply chain, including traders, processors, and retailers, are recognising the importance of adopting responsible practices and ensuring a global impact.

The GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance (FRA) module and the RTRS standards undergo continuous updates in alignment with market demands. Interested? Click on the link below to learn more about the GMP+ FRA MI5.1 Production and Trade of RTRS soy standard and its requirements.

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