First company complies with GMP+ MI5.5 Carbon footprint of feed

In March, Agrifirm, based in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, became the first company to receive a statement of compliance with the requirements of MI5.5 Carbon footprint (CFP) of feed.

On 01-01-2024, GMP+ International launched a pilot standard to assure the CFP of feed. It is GMP+ International's first standard to assure a methodology for calculating the CFP of feed. The standard is based on the ‘Nevedi CFP calculation protocol’, itself based on the PEFCR Feed. With this pilot project, GMP+ International is taking the first step in the development of a CFP standard. This is in line with GMP+ International's aim of enabling the GMP+ community to produce sustainable feed.

Agrifirm from Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, was the first company to have their system to perform CFP calculations inspected by the independent certification body, SGS.

“Reducing the CFP of feed is one way for Agrifirm to contribute to more sustainable feed production. But now we are also able to show our customers that our information for the CFP of our feed is reliable”, says Geert van Grunsven of Agrifirm. “The preparation for the MI5.5 Carbon footprint of feed was relatively easy. Of course we were already working with the Nevedi CFP calculation protocol.”. 

SGS Product & Process Certification (SGS Nederland BV) is one of the Certification Bodies that carries out the inspections for the GMP+ FRA MI5.5 Carbon footprint of feed standard.

“The GMP+ MI5.5 standard focuses on the assurance of a calculation methodology. We assess that the company has used the correct input data, performed a correct calculation and communicates the correct outcome to its customer. This is a new topic, both for our customers and our auditors.” says Michiel Kaizer of SGS Nederland BV. “For us as a CB for the feed industry it means that we need to get acquainted with this new field.”