International Database for Transport of Feed (IDTF) – Newsletter 1/2023

Several changes for the IDTF database

There have been several changes for the IDTF by the International Committee for Road Transport (GMP+ International, OVOCOM, QS, Qualimat, EFISC-GTP, AIC and AMA). 

These changes are now implemented in the IDTF-database ( Please see below for more information about the changes.

At the request of the companies, products and their cleaning regime are entered in the IDTF-database as soon as these are agreed by the ICRT. The date on which the change is entered in the IDTF-database is indicated by the ‘publication date’. The date on which the cleaning regime becomes mandatory is indicated by ‘mandatory from'.

  1. New products classified in the IDTF-database 
  2. Modifications in classified products in the IDTF
  3. Modifications in cleaning regime