Important update for companies with QM-Milch Scope

As of 01-01-2024, there are important changes to the conditions for companies that supply dairy feed for the dairy farmers who participate in the QM-Milch program.

Due to the strong demand from the market to demonstrate sustainability, QM-Milch e.V. requires companies that supply soy (soybeans, soy products and soy derivatives) and dairy feed containing soy for QM-Milch dairy farmers to comply with the conditions of one of the GMP+ accepted standards (MI 5.1, MI 5.3 and MI 5.6) or another scheme accepted by QM Milch from 1-1-2024.

Working in accordance with the terms and conditions

Companies have until 31-12-2024 to become certified but must work in accordance with the conditions of one of the accepted standards for the production and trade of responsible soy and/or responsible animal feed by 01-01-2024. Certification can take place during the next regular audit in 2024.

* If your company has the QM-Milch scope, it is important to pay attention to this.


Positive declaration of the status of the feed by means of a reference to the scope of the feed is allowed. See chapter 4.5 of the R 5.0 Feed Responsibility Management Systems Requirements.

This change is effective immediately and will be published in the updated version of TS 2.3 Country Note QM-Milch which will be published in mid-January 2024. The updated version contains several changes that will take effect on 01-07-2024.

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