Improvements & developments in our services

As part of our corporate strategy and based on customer research, we aim to increase the added value of our GMP+ Feed Certification scheme and its supporting services.

By creating relevance and added value, we enable our GMP+ Community to increase their productivity through working with our scheme and services. In this communication, we want to share some examples of how we are creating this added value and relevance for our community.

What we are changing

We have recently updated our GMP+ FC scheme, which has significantly increased readability. We have now also started working to update our current portal, which the GMP+ Certified companies use to access the GMP+ Monitoring database and the Feed Support Products (FSP). The new environment will be updated along with the connecting tools and services. In addition, we are also working on a new website offering easier navigation to our services.


We are updating our tools and services because we see an increased need for simplification when working with GMP+ certification. The new environment with the tools and services offer a faster, safer, more intuitive and modern environment. By completely re-engineering the tools and services, we are creating added value and making it easier for users to achieve their goals. And by modernising the software, we can offer future-proof solutions.

When will the GMP+ Community notice the first changes?

We are already working on the improvements behind the scenes and have taken significant steps along that road. We have actively encouraged members of our GMP+ Community to share their ideas on how they would ideally like to work. Based on additional customer research, our design team has created proto

By continuously validating our steps with users, we are delivering the best possible customer experience. We will share some more explicit designs with you in the coming months. The initial launch of our new website portal and its services is planned for Q1, 2024.

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