Good news, scheme documents now published in 8 languages

Updates to the requirements for several scheme documents about FSA are now published on our website in 8 languages.

The improvements to the GMP+ FC scheme 2010 and the GMP+ FC scheme 2020 have been published on our website in Dutch, German, English, Polish, Spanish, Czech, Italian & French. Please note that not all documents are available in Spanish, Czech, Italian & French. If a specific document is not available in one of these languages, please consult the English version instead. Companies and Certification Bodies can start using the improved documents.

What do you need to do?

Please download the latest version of the GMP+ FC scheme 2020 or GMP+ FC scheme 2010 documents which are applicable to your company or Certification Body from our website. Make sure your company complies with the latest changes by 1 January 2024.