Sustainability, the next steps

In today’s changing world, our sector needs to step up to the challenge of producing and operating in a sustainable way.

GMP+ International, together with our partners and stakeholders, is dedicated to developing transparent, uniform and workable certification standards in sustainability.

With over 30 years of experience in feed safety certification and over 10 years of experience in feed sustainability, we believe that we have the methods and technology to achieve this goal.

Our approach is:


  • to activate our network and bringing together the companies in the industry, partners, certification bodies and other stakeholders.
  • to build on solid legal and scientific foundations and adhering to standards and agreed-upon methods and databases, that guarantee the quality of our certification.
  • to focus on simplicity and easy-to-implement standards and procedures, creating workable certification schemes.
  • Together with all partners in our network, we aim to empower companies in our sector to take responsibility. Our vision is to make our sector resilient in a fast-changing world.

Based on a clear demand from the market, we are now working on 2 new standards.

  1. MI 5.6 Production and Trade of responsible feed
  2. Carbon footprint (CFP) (more information will follow)