Update risk assessments in FSP

Within the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme (GMP+ FC scheme), feed materials and their processes must be subjected to a safety assessment by means of a risk analysis, in accordance with the HACCP principles.

Based on a desk study, carried out by the members of Technical Committee Feed Support Products (TCFSP), 32 assessed (5 new, 27 updated) feed materials and their production processes are included in the Product list. The inclusion of feed materials in the Product list (via the approval of its risk assessment) is a requirement of the GMP+ FC scheme. Only feed materials which are shown on the Product list can be used by GMP+ certified companies. By allowing only the use of approved feed materials, we ensure feed safety throughout the chain.

You’ll find an overview of the (new) approved feed materials and their processes here.

If your feed material is not included in the Product list or your process deviates from what is described in the risk assessment, please submit a risk assessment application. Information about the procedure is available on our website. In this way we work on feed safety together.

Did you know that…

  • We have developed a short video demonstrating how to use the risk assessment. Watch the video here.

  • We regularly receive questions including the following: when should a product be put on the list and how does that happen, what is the status of the Product List and what is the difference between the Product List and the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials? In this newsletter we explain more.
  • Next to that we added the following disclaimer on the Product List as well as on the cover of all Risk Assessments:

DISCLAIMER: This Products List consist of products that are approved in accordance with the standards of the GMP+ FC scheme applicable. This means that the products and their process have been assessed by GMP+ International and can be safely produced and traded pursuant to which the feed safety hazards are manageable. Kindly note that each Product of the GMP+ FC scheme has no official legal status as feed material. Please, check all relevant policies and regulations in the field of feed materials of the country where the product is produced and/or distributed.

While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this Product List and every effort made, the accuracy of information mentioned in this list are subject to changes and differences. GMP+ International will not accept any liability for any errors or omissions that may remain, and any losses or inconveniences incurred as a result of such changes or differences.

Please note: All the changes in the Product List have a direct effect on the GMP+ Monitoring database:

  1. Addition of new feed materials: if new feed materials are included in the Product list, these new feed materials will automatically be included in the GMP+ Monitoring database. GMP+ participants can add (and consult) analysis results for these new feed materials.
  2. Modification of feed material names: if the name of a feed material changes in the Product list (in all or one of the 3 published languages), it will also change in the GMP+ Monitoring database.
  3. Deletion of feed materials: if a feed material is deleted (removed) from the Product list, the addition of new analysis results for this feed material in GMP+ Monitoring database is no longer possible. However, the historical information on previous analysis results will remain available for consultation.

Do you still have questions? Please, send them to us via info@gmpplus.org. GMP+ FC scheme is not just a standard, we are here to help the feed sector and your feedback is needed to improve our services!