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TS1.3 Product list


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Version: 1 March 2021

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1. Product list

The GMP+ certified company may only use feed materials that have been assessed and accepted for use in feed by GMP+ International. This document, the Product list, is the list of accepted feed materials that can be produced and traded within the GMP+ certified chain.

Each feed material that is produced and/or purchased within the GMP+ certified chain must be:

  1. included in the Product list, and
  2. produced in accordance with the generic process descriptions in the Risk Assessments in the Feed Support Products (FSP).

To consult the Product list click here.

Feed Support Products

That was a lot of information to digest and one might ask, what is the next step? Luckily we can offer support for the GMP+ Community when doing this. We provide support by means of various tools and guidances but as each company has a shared responsibility to feed safety, and therefor tailor-made solutions cannot be offered. However, we do help by explaining requirements and provide background information about the requirements.

We have developed various supporting materials for the GMP+ Community. These include various tools, ranging from Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) lists to webinars and events.

Feed Support Products (FSP)

Feed Support Products (FSP) provides valuable and up-to-date information about potentially high-risk feed. The products vary from flow charts of production processes including the risks (Risk Assessments) and studies on undesirable substances (fact sheets).

Find our Feed Support Products here:

GMP+ Portal

More information: