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TS1.3 Productenlijst


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Versie: 1 maart 2021

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1. Productenlijst

Het GMP+ gecertificeerde bedrijf mag alleen voedermiddelen gebruiken die door GMP+ International zijn beoordeeld en geaccepteerd voor gebruik in diervoeder. Dit document, de Productenlijst, is de lijst van geaccepteerde voedermiddelen die binnen de GMP+ gecertificeerde keten geproduceerd en verhandeld kunnen worden.

Elk voedermiddel dat binnen de GMP+ gecertificeerde keten geproduceerd en/of aangekocht wordt, moet worden:

  1. opgenomen in de Productenlijst, en
  2. geproduceerd volgens de generieke procesbeschrijvingen in de Risicobeoordelingen in de Feed Support Products (FSP).

Om de Productenlijst te raadplegen klikt u hier.

Feed Support Products

That was a lot of information to digest and one might ask, what is the next step? Luckily we can offer support for the GMP+ Community when doing this. We provide support by means of various tools and guidances but as each company has a shared responsibility to feed safety, and therefor tailor-made solutions cannot be offered. However, we do help by explaining requirements and provide background information about the requirements.

We have developed various supporting materials for the GMP+ Community. These include various tools, ranging from Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) lists to webinars and events.

Feed Support Products (FSP)

Feed Support Products (FSP) provides valuable and up-to-date information about potentially high-risk feed. The products vary from flow charts of production processes including the risks (Risk Assessments) and studies on undesirable substances (fact sheets).

Find our Feed Support Products here:

GMP+ Portal

More information: