Welcome Qualikadi - a new Registered Consultant & Registered Training Institute

“Our mission is to promote the knowledge development of people and organisations in the feed and food sector, helping them to be more competitive” Qualikadi

Qualikadi Soluções Empresariais

A company founded in Joinville Santa Catarina with a location in Curitiba Paraná and operations throughout Brazil. Developing corporate solutions for companies of different sizes in the food and feed safety sector, also including consultancy, training and internal audits.

Registered Consultant

“We have been offering our services for more than 10 years now. By adding the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme to our consultancy service, we are demonstrating our dedication to sharing feed and food knowledge and transforming the feed supply chain. Now that we are a GMP+ Registered Consultant, we are confident that this will create trust in the market.” Karine de Queiroga Bucholdz, Technical Director.

Currently, Qualikadi focuses on (but is not limited to) the following topics: Production of feed materials, Production of compound feed, Premixtures, Transport and Affreightment (road, rail, inland waterway transport etc.), Trade & Collection, Storage & Transshipment

Also a GMP+ Academy Registered Training Institute

“Our services are not limited to consultancy. Through the years, we have developed training courses to support our clients and the feed & food community in Brazil. We believe that with by registering this part of our business with the GMP+ Academy programme, we can boost our visibility outside Brazil. We want to offer our knowledge to the world. We are proud that we have stellar and knowledgeable trainers.” José Carlos Bucholdz, Director.

Qualikadi offers courses related to feed and food safety management systems, HACCP, GMP+FSA, feed safety culture and quality management systems (ISO).

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