First GMP+ Registered Consultant in Romania: Welcome TQ Services

“Being a GMP + Registered Consultant is a recognition of the company’s capabilities of providing professional services.” TQS Manager and Consultant, Horea Susan said. For us is has real added value to become GMP+ Registered Consultant.

Welcome TQS

It is a significant milestone for TQS's to become Registered Consultant in Romania. As a GMP+ Registered Consultant, they we will help companies by providing them with advice on how to comply with the GMP+ requirements.

TQS specialises in business consulting services aimed at implementing and improving management systems, conducting training courses, and offering coaching for individuals, teams, and organizations. Expertise lies in Quality, Environment, HACCP, ISO TS 16949, OHSAS, Coaching, and the GMP+ FSA scheme.

First in Romania

“Being a GMP + Registered Consultant provides us the opportunity to be part of a network of information, training and growth. Having access to right information and working with experts in the fields, makes us more credible and reliable in providing consultancy services to companies in Romania. We are bringing the culture and best practices in feed quality and safety together.”- Horea Susan, TQS Manager.